Thursday, 29 January 2015

Songs For... Keeping You Going 'Till The Weekend

Need something to perk you up as you approach the weekend like a speeding bullet, pulsing with as much energy as a can of Coca Cola? Sugar might be a teenager's best friend at times, but there are occasions when we must push our Percy Pig cravings aside and work on a long-term solution; or, at least, a solution that will keep you satisfied for several hours on a chilly January evening.

My ears may unfortunately not have access to Spotify during the long day, yet the music that I love so much forever sings in my head, thumping like an over-excited crowd member at a riotous nightclub. In the funny little world that is called my imagination, I'm existing in a foreign place that couldn't possibly be further away from the noisy, motivated environment in which I spend over a quarter of my day during the week. 

In my opinion, music is a release from the stress that, if you didn't have any breaks from reality, would expand and eventually result in an all-mighty explosion; as soon as I catch wind of a beautiful melody, my heart stops beating so ferociously, calming into a steady murmur. Music can be described as so many beautiful things - charming, uplifting, glorious - yet one word particularly stands out for me: liberating. 

After getting home from a place in which I've spent the past seven or so hours of my life, putting on my earphones and losing myself to the husky whisper of Lana Del Rey's vocals on West Coast makes me feel as free as a released prisoner - no longer am I tied to any chains or compulsion to work erratically like a Duracell bunny. 

Along with having a bite to eat, slipping out of my skintight uniform and slathering on as much lipstick as I want, another joy of arriving home is being able to listen to music: as soon as I find my gingerbread-themed earphones from the drawer, my heart flutters yet again, though for reasons entirely different to pre-test nerves. Only when you experience that feeling do you realise how astonishing, brilliant and wonderful it is: a special package neatly wrapped up for only yourself to rip open!

Anyway, I'd like to present a lovely package (adorned with a pretty red bow) to you on this Thursday - my list of current favourite songs. Enjoy!

1. Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence

2. Lana Del Rey - Carmen 
(Before you even say it, I've been listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey recently!)

3. Soul II Soul - Keep on Movin'

4. Pussycat Dolls - Sway

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