Friday, 30 January 2015

Reaching One Finish Line... and Approaching Another

Yes, yes, yes! Like winning a competition, I'm in line to receiving a reward for my hard-working efforts: two magical days off at the end of a particularly testing week. At last I can wake up in the actual morning - not the dead-still nighttime - and procrastinate over when to bother moving my leg, let alone rolling out of bed, for as long as my oh-so-lazy self likes. On Friday nights, a key is handed over to me, unlocking many doors which are slammed shut in front of my face from Sunday evening to Friday morning: after days of waiting, my access to freedom has finally been reinstated, and is as glorious as ever.

However, this weekend will stand out more prominently than the one I spent taking numerous selfies and baked (along with tasting) chocolate chip brownies, which coincidentally ended up in the glare of my smartphone lens. The reason why? I'm turning sixteen in two days' time and, to be pretty honest with you, there is absolutely no way that I can resist the urge to brag about it - if I ever seized the opportunity, I would explode with excitement like an uncorked bottle of champagne!

Although I was existing in a bubble miles away from Planet Earth earlier this week, I eventually plucked the courage to burst it and return to the universe a short while ago: restraining myself from doing so became way too hard to resist and, like one who is eyeing up a bag of Maltesers in front of him, I had to dive in at one point or another. Well, how could I not? Albeit a tad late, I'm starting to realise what a massive occasion your sixteen birthday is - spreading a joy that is nearly as contagious as my callous cold! 

After wasting precious hours on worrying over what to do during my birthday weekend, I settled on the idea of visiting Nandos, a restaurant chain that is renowned for its special Peri-Peri chicken and healthy meals (think McDonalds without enough fat to make you have a heart attack!), which, unlike most of the teenagers I know, I've never been to before. In all honesty, I've only gotten more daring with fast food chains in the past year or so - until last March, I'd never experienced the satisfying flavour of a KFC meal. November also marked another rite of passage for me when I developed a taste for Subway and their six-inch long subs, which I managed to LikeATeen-ify with lashings of cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and grilled chicken breast: to get an idea of how keen I was to keep the calorie count extremely low, consider what Gwyneth Paltrow would do in my situation, though the carb-rich bun might have been left out!

Despite my lack of experience with restaurant chicken, I'm really looking forward to seeing what the huge fuss is all about at Nandos and hopefully developing a passion for it: surely I won't be the only one untouched by the No-Bones-About-It platter? I hope not! 

As for my birthday, my activities are partially limited due to my brother playing in a football match on the same day (the curse of weekend football strikes again), so my current plan is getting acquainted with my new smartphone, a beautiful Sony Xperia, which I've been dying to use in public (without my parents catching me take ridiculously Photoshopped selfies!) ever since it arrived several months ago. 

In addition to this, I'm also going to be receiving several surprise gifts, whose statuses I've luckily managed not to uncover (though that could all change over the next twenty four hours!), and I get excited whenever thinking about what they could be. Christmas was not only full of so many wonderful surprises, but I pretty much received all that I could have asked for - hence why searching for birthday gifts this year has proved to be such an irritating pain! Regardless of my age, I'll always reserve a love for surprises: the magic is as strong as ever!

Therefore, I suppose that is where I want to leave today's entry at - the magic is buzzing madly, and my excitement is building faster than I can even begin to comprehend. A great weekend awaits me and I cannot put off the urge to leap into its embrace for a moment longer. 

See you on the other side, a year older (and perhaps an inch taller)!

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