Saturday, 17 January 2015

Searching for the Perfect Gift

This month has so far appeared to be rather strange, albeit for reasons which I don't entirely understand. For one thing, Christmas has been zapped out of my life as though it was never celebrated a mere month ago, and society has returned to normality without blinking as much as an eyelid. After months of anticipation, how do we find it within ourselves to forget so quickly? My mind is going into overdrive as I struggle to figure that one out: several aspects of human psychology will perhaps remain as confusing to me as they are to the majority of the population, hence why we rarely question our reactions and interpretations. 

Also, this is my very last month as a fifteen year old before I turn sixteen on 1st February - as all the ridiculously huge and pretty-looking cards at the supermarket suggest, a landmark occasion. Recently, I haven't really given much thought to my upcoming birthday, feeling a bit dazed at the prospect of getting a year older again. While Christmas carols and New Year fireworks still sing in my head, thinking about anything else requires much effort, which I've gotten used to each January. 

Still, don't you think that celebrating my birthday is too early an occasion in the year? For one thing, I don't need any more presents because I'm doing fine with the ones I received for Christmas and, after gorging on too many slices of boozy fruit cake and mince pies several weeks before, it wouldn't hurt me to abstain from any cakes (especially of the heavenly chocolatey kind) for a while longer. In other words, I don't feel ready to embrace birthday celebrations - it is the very last thing that I have time to think about while I'm swept into a wave created by the New Year. 

Luckily, I did decide on my main birthday present several months ago, a fabulous Sony Xperia smartphone, which will transform my life from a dull Microsoft existence (I'm now cursing my allegiance to Nokia Lumia!) to a colourful Android reality. In fact, my parents have kindly allowed me to play on my new phone every now and then - mainly whenever my hair is looking nice and I'm in selfie-mode - though there have been one or two occasions when I've used it without uttering a word to anybody. The sooner that I can start using my property without being caught, the better - a perfect reason to look forward to my birthday. 

However, there are no other gifts that I've put on my birthday list, having been drained of ideas after embarking on a mini shopping spree just days before I returned to school. Not only do I not want any, but I really can't purchase any more books because there is too little space in my bedroom: this time, relying on the old favourite just simply isn't good enough. As for the likes of music and DVDs, I've exhausted myself with what I received for Christmas - they are the sort of things that I appreciate small doses of from time to time, otherwise I'd risk getting bored. 

And clothes? Usually, I would yelp with joy at the thought of expanding my wardrobe, but I don't think that I need to do so right now... if the weather sticks to its designated seasons, Spring will be on the horizon within no time. Plus, stocking up on millions of jumpers easily gets repetitive, even if I usually find myself wearing them in August! 

Therefore, it is safe to declare that I'm well and truly stuck for birthday ideas. At this rate, I will only have my new phone to keep me company on my birthday... surely there must be something? Even when it appears that I've been defeated, I still live in hope - giving up is way too easy! But I really have no idea on what that might be...

Seriously, I could do with wandering around a shopping centre this weekend. Even during the two hours or so that I spent at one several weeks ago, I saw so many wonderful things that I'd be proud to receive in a fortnight's time. Perfume is one thing that I particularly love, even though I already have several of my own. Yet a girl can never have too much, can she? It is forever timeless and makes a sophisticated gift; one that I've had my eye on for ages is Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci (yes, the advert with the girl who wears cat ears, which are enough to seducing me into buying it!), whose scent I absolutely love.  

If all else fails, I could always rely on receiving a surprise present from my family, as I did at Christmas. Usually, I receive little gifts for my birthday - turning sixteen definitely shouldn't be an exception - so I may get something a bit more special this year. Well, who knows? It might even be a lottery ticket which, if I got several correct numbers on it, could potentially be the very best gift that I would ever receive... 

At the end of the day, are birthdays entirely about presents or should I look beyond the surface? I'll be turning sixteen, which definitely doesn't happen everyday, and will mark another landmark in my life (which you are probably sick of hearing by now!). Maturity beckons along with my eligibility to purchase chocolate liqueurs at an out-of-town shopping centre... There are simply several things that cannot be bought in life, even for a birthday. 

The search continues...

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