Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Overcoming the Party-Stopping Pathogens

My birthday might be here at the end of this week, yet the bubble in which I was happily living in over the weekend has burst, splattering a glorious mess all over the beige carpet in my bedroom. Not a chaos that my brother would willingly clean up for me, even if I did hand him a pound (which he hasn't bothered giving back to me) to spend on sweets and whatever junk a fourteen year old boy falls for.

The reasons for the cause of this oh-so-disastrous mess are the following:

1) I've got a cold (AGAIN!)
Little more than a week after I made a mostly full recovery from a horrible combination of a cold/dry-as-an-over-baked-cake sore throat, I woke up with a painful ache in my mouth yesterday morning. Thus, yet another round of horror commences, draining me of the little energy reserved for things such as getting through the school day and, um, not falling asleep at the dinner table as soon as the sun hides behind a starlit sky. 
Above all, being unwell turns me into the most annoying person that you could ever meet. If you really have no idea on what I mean, please visualise a young individual who cannot stop - seriously so! - complaining about her woes at any opportunity. Even a light-hearted conversation can be darkened as soon as I bring up how sore my nostrils are after blowing my guts out for the thirteenth time in sixty seconds. What a great way to get into the pre-birthday mood - not! My body definitely has some freaky ideas when it comes to preparing for a celebration...

2) I failed a Maths test
Like a kick to the balls (or perhaps to another sensitive region because I am, rather fortunately, not a boy), I was kneeling over in agony when failing a relatively straight forward Maths test added to my ever-growing list of problems. Having missed one or two lessons several weeks ago due to illness, it was just my luck that the topics explored in those sessions came up in the test which, as hard as I tried, I really couldn't answer. Guessing might work a treat in other subjects, yet I had absolutely no tools or hints to lean onto: pure knowledge was the only way that I would escape such a sticky situation with my dignity partially intact. 
Even though my passion doesn't lie within Maths, I was nonetheless disappointed to be the only one who failed the test, despite being a mere two marks away from passing! I despise nothing more than failure, and feeling like one didn't boost my already low-as-the-bottom-of-the-ocean mood at all.

3) I have no spare time
Due to staying behind after school to attend the newspaper club and catch up on ICT (the coursework of which is actually greater than I originally realised - oh joy!), I've been getting home much later than usual of late and, two nights in, I've already had enough. My heart is crying out for a rest by lunchtime as I fight my way through crowds and piles of work while my immune system repeats its battle against more foreign pathogens: some 'me' time is undoubtedly needed. Yet, what with tests to revise for and coursework to hand in, the only time that I can only relax is when I go to bed. Still, this stupid cold is stopping me from resting peacefully as I can't breathe through my nose - when will this frustration end?
Hence why I've been keeping a low profile on my blogger over the past week which, if time was in plentiful quantities, I would spend gushing over how excited I am about turning sixteen in four days' time. I simply need a break - from school, from routine and especially from all things contaminated with germs.

As you can tell, I'm not in my greatest of moods, particularly because I'll be sitting a test in Science tomorrow (straight after enduring my weekly hour of hell in P.E.) and I really ought to revise for it tonight instead of complaining like a world-class moaner. Deep down, I truly want to get excited about turning sixteen because the excitement was reaching fever pitch at the weekend, but it has since died down and been swept underneath the carpet. 

It's about time that I learn how to separate my school and home life from one another because focusing too much on one is giving less emphasis to the other, unbalancing the equilibrium - something has to give! The truth is that I don't know how! If an after-school club was based on that, perhaps I would bother going along to a session, but never mind...

On the other hand, I cheered up upon receiving the news that I'd been selected as the Student of the Week in my Performing Arts group earlier today, which I hadn't expected at all! At a time when I was doubting my abilities in the subject, I now feel reassured that I'm working well enough and my efforts are being appreciated! Also, the newspaper club is a joy to work for because I let my imagination flow like a river whilst writing top quality articles; within the space of several weeks, I'm already gaining an insight into the environment in which journalists work. And my beloved langue French? Facile comme toujours!

Though my illness might over-ride the positives, I'm now finding more to smile about while I overcome my second round with the winter cold, who better know better than to wreck my birthday! Let the birthday fever take over instead!

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