Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Height of Anticipation

There is something very special about Christmas Eve. Although it never manages to top the excitement enjoyed by all the following day, Christmas Eve nonetheless maintains a unique magic which injects glimmers of elation long before we wake up at the crack of dawn less than twenty four hours later. The reason why? Months of planning and anticipation finally reaches its peak - a height from which I often prefer to stay at.

As my fingers type on the keyboard, tingles shiver throughout my body, feeling as electric as sparks dancing from a wand. In a few hours' time, night will fall upon us - and, when we finally see daylight once again, Christmas will have arrived. Writing these very words unlock a manic craving to open my window and scream my joy to the entire village - how it is possible to contain myself for a little while longer? Overnight, it seems that I've reverted to my childlike self, which is the key to my uncovering the joys of this festive season. 

This morning, my dad repeated how 'fantastic' my surprise present is, though didn't give me any hints as to what it could be. Instantly, I fell into a trap of questioning my still-asleep brain, curiosity getting the better of me at such an early hour. The only lead that I have is that the present cost a bit more than what I'd set aside for my budget, yet it opens so many doors and trails leading to what the present could potentially be. As frustrating as my failure to uncover the present is, I secretly love it because it adds to the anticipation that is bubbling like a just-opened bottle of champagne. 

For as long as I can remember, I've always had a fondness for surprises. To this day, I really can't (and don't particularly want to) understand why some people dislike them, instead believing that they are untouched by the giddiness surrounding the gift. As I've gotten used to buying things myself over the years, I can't begin to describe how refreshing it is to receive something that I haven't personally selected - needless to say, it gives my inner shopper a break! 

Anyway, I've never been disappointed with the surprise presents that I've been given by my parents in past Christmases (a set of coloured pearl teardrop earrings were a particular favourite which I'm still wearing) and, unlike some things, I never discover what they are until I open them on Christmas Day. In fact, I'm often reeling with shock several hours after opening them because they were the very last thing that I'd expected - or, in this year's case, I don't have the slightest clue as to what I should expect! 

This year, I'm expecting a beautiful scene: my family and I will be celebrating our first Christmas in our new home, which marks a happy chapter in our lives. We've undergone massive changes within the space of a year, yet we have come out stronger on the other side. I appreciate Christmas more than ever now because it symbolizes hope and gratitude for what you have, a message which we shouldn't forget whilst being submerged in pools of wrapping paper.

So, my vegetable-preparing duties are now calling me and, as much as I'd love to get nostalgic over past Christmases, peeling carrots are obviously a greater priority.

I wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas: let's enjoy every second of it!

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