Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Ooh, So Close!

You wanna know something? I'm happy. Veeeerry happy. Oh, if the italic font and extremely long words don't quite prove my happiness, what ever will?

Like a bee, I'm buzzing - though obviously not with harmful stings that will all but kill me. You'd be a world class idiot if you couldn't think of just one reason for which I'm floating on air: check your calendars or at least your date-smart mobile phone! According to my Windows desktop, today is the 17th December. As far as I know, nothing that spectacular is celebrated on this day, yet that is somewhat off the point. What I'm referring to is that, in eight days' time, Christmas will be here!

Before you wonder whether I've helped myself to one too many Hershey Kisses (which, to my delight, are hidden inside an advent calender which I open each day, usually when in need of an energy boost after school), please push any killjoy aside and embrace the moment. Even though hard effort may not be enough to get the desired effect, smell the air. Only a week and a day separates you from breathing in the glorious fumes of a cooking turkey/beef joint/pork shoulder/goose/geese/whatever awakens your appetite floating into your bedroom, perhaps the only distraction while you're playing Candy Crush on your new iPhone.

A year may nearly have passed since I last crept out of bed to smell it, yet I can still remember the smile that lit up my face - literally like a Christmas tree (now is the best time ever to be as cheesy as you desire!) - when I laid eyes on the already-cooked turkey on Christmas Day last year, before inhaling the air.

Really, how will I be able to keep myself under control by Christmas Eve? Just tell me how to do so - any advice would do!

Well, as I mentioned earlier, a week and a bit are the sole barriers currently preventing me from breaking through to the other side - otherwise regarded as the finishing line which I shall reach at midday tomorrow. Only several hours at school are compulsory tomorrow before everyone scrambles out of the exit by the time that the clock strikes 12pm, signalling our final moment of the year there. As much as I've enjoyed every single second that I've spent at my new school - which I still yearn to explore - I'd have to be a terribly good liar to deny my overwhelming enthusiasm for the festive holidays.

Throughout this week, I've literally had to drag myself out of bed whenever the clock has struck half five in the morning - no kidding! My eyes spend half of the day being dragged around on the floor, whereas my legs are forever complaining about being worked on too excessively, suffering from aches that place those of an Olympic athlete into a completely different league. Personally, it seems rather cruel to be deprived of a precious lie-in tomorrow - especially when our lessons will mainly be based on chocolate, festive cheer and even more rounds of Quality Street - but I wouldn't decline the offer of finishing at midday. No way! My old school had no intention of letting its pupils finish at that time, so I regard myself as very lucky to have the chance to wander in the nearby shops (with my mum, after she has picked me up) for a while - especially when I would have otherwise been trapped in a stuffy classroom!

Anyway, my only lesson tomorrow will definitely be Maths which, rather depressingly, I have to declare as my final lesson of 2014. Ugh, Pythagoras' Theorem wasn't exactly at the top of the list of festive activities, but it's undoubtedly easier than what I'm likely to study after Christmas! Afterwards, I'll be competing in the finals of the House Singing Competition, reciting a reworked version of Wonderwall yet, unlike what my Head of House has advised the entire group, you'd be hard pressed to see me copying Liam Gallagher's stage moves - if I attempted to do so, there would be a seriously high risk of choking on my own laughter!

However, I'm feeling slightly nervous about performing tomorrow because I'll be singing in front of the entire school - in fact, 1200 pupils and a chunky fraction of the staff! As he is in the same house as me, I've begged my brother to cheer when I come on stage, yet his interests lie within maintaining his street cred - cheering for your older sister is unlikely to be perceived as cool, is it? Still, my fingers are crossed that my house will be lifting the trophy afterwards; if so, we'll be given a non-uniform day, along with other mysterious prizes!

Overall, I'm having a good week, but I feel more than ready to throw myself into Christmas, which I totally want to celebrate at this very moment! It seems to me that my patience is worsening every Christmas, so maybe the time has come to place it on my list. If my memory isn't playing tricks on me, I think that I've used up my budget, though patience is priceless, so Amazon believes!

If you thought that I was living for Friday morning - my first day of the holidays - you were very wrong. Unfortunately, I'll have no choice other than to get up at the same time as I currently do for school before setting off reasonably early to my native county, which shall take at least three-and-a-half hours to get to, depending on traffic. Honestly, is being stuck with my younger brother in a car for eight hours in one day the greatest start to the festive season? From the second that I cross my legs and hold it for several hours, my only sibling shall make a laughing stock out of me, along with winding me up in the process. How saddening that I won't have enough space to give him the kick that he truly deserves!

Fate has countless wacky ideas: it is a shame that it does not rely on the more practical and me-friendly ones! On the other hand, Christmas will make up for any suffering (of the being-stuck-in-a-traffic-jam-related kind) endured because its spellbinding magic will amaze us, and render our past-obsessed memories powerless to destroy our glee. One thing is for sure - let's bring it on!

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