Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Getting Ready...

As night falls, so does my final evening before I return to the fast-paced, thrilling and somewhat exhausting world at school - albeit at a different one.

Instead of catching up on the many programmes that I've recorded on the Sky box, I've spent the past afternoon learning how to tie, well, a tie - a feat which, nearly an hour after starting, I successfully managed. My new uniform has been placed in the wardrobe, waiting to be slipped on in the dark tomorrow morning before I venture outside in the bitter cold. The new plain black bag that I had been waiting to turn up today failed to make an appearance, so I've had to make do with my plainish Puma bag for the time being; apart from half of my P.E. kit, it is the only thing that I'm waiting for.

In few words, I'm almost ready to face my new school tomorrow with several nights of decent sleep behind me: as the moment nears, the nerves that I had refused to feel are strengthening, yet are overclouded by waves of excitement. If you asked how I am feeling, my obvious reply would be excited - which couldn't be further from a lie - but it doesn't begin to convey how nervous I'm gradually beginning to feel, especially as so much will happen within the space of several hours.

Unlike yesterday, I've been deprived of distractions to a certain extent because I've been based at home for most of the day, which has given me enough time to think about tomorrow. All of my thoughts have been positive, but even that fact doesn't ease the butterflies that are the cause of my jitters - ugh, they always seek an opportunity to wind me up!

However, I'm fairly sure that I'll be fine by tomorrow morning because, with getting changed and checking everything I need in my bag, I won't have a single moment to consider the day ahead of me. The forty minute or so bus journey may be dedicated to pondering over school, but I'm also looking forward to it; at least it won't be travelling in the direction of my former school!

Anyway, my fingers are crossed that positivity will greet me when I enter the reception and meet my Head of House, and eventually my peers who I hope will be very accepting. And beyond that, who knows? Once I'm in lessons, all nerves will die away because they are hardly necessary in the classroom; enthusiasm is the only tool you need. Upon receiving my timetable yesterday, my spirits have not exactly been lifted by the fact that Maths will be my first lesson tomorrow, though English follows afterwards - hey, things cannot always go your way!

Whether I'm in Maths or not, I'll be so glad to be at the school and hopefully feel that I belong - if so, I'll know that I made the right decision to quit my old one.

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