Saturday, 2 May 2015

My Disney Princess Wish Has Come True...

As you are probably bound to come across sooner or later today, I might as well announce it to you right now instead of skirting around the bush for many (exhausting) hours: there is a new Royal baby on the block!

OK, babies are born every single day and all of their births represent something extremely special that very few events can steal the spotlight that they gain. Although I've definitely got plenty of time to go before I can even consider having children, as I'm certainly not the most suitable candidate if I let my four cats do whatever they want under my control (e.g. sleeping in my locked wardrobe, jumping into sinks piled with plates, failing to clean up their mess, all to name a few!), I nonetheless appreciate how amazing a new life is. One Born Every Minute might be partly to blame for it, but I've never witnessed anything more astounding than seeing a new baby entering the world, their little eyes swimming with innocence and curiosity as they take in the world that they have just become a part of - it often makes me forget that I was once a cute, tiny baby who would allow her parents to dress her up in as many pink clothes as possible! 

Sadly though, since when do we ever hear about a baby being born on the news or through mainstream media? Of course, we sometimes hear via Twitter that a celebrity has just popped out the latest addition to their pampered crew of children, whose names seriously question the sanity of their airhead parents. Still, do we actually get to experience their joy and excitement in such a way that it lifts our spirits enormously? No, unless you spend literally all your time checking out celebrities' profiles on Twitter, though even that it isn't necessarily the same. 

This leads me to say that, whenever a Royal Baby is born, elation floods through the nation quicker than an urge to get on the road to the seaside during a Bank Holiday weekend (which, rather ironically, is the case right now!). Not all people in my native Britain are huge fans of the Royal Family, believing that it seems quite out-dated and ought to be done away with, but I have no problem with them at all so long as they represent our country in a positive way - which, judging by the many countries who literally fall head over heels for Royal Babies, it appears to be so! 

Just under two years' ago, I recall spending one of the hottest days of the year watching the news after it was announced that the Duchess of Cambridge had gone into labour with her first child, the very adorable and occasionally seen Prince George (whose name provided some royal inspiration for my cat, also called George, who was also inspired by Asda's clothing range). 

As the school holidays had just begun and I truly couldn't bear to do a thing because I was sweating harder than a sun-soaked athlete, all I focused my energy on was the upcoming birth of the Royal Baby, which I'd be excited about ever since it had been announced the year before. Instead of dwelling on the wars raging through the world and indeed the sickly sticky heat, I was eagerly anticipated the birth of a baby who, despite being destined to have a royal status, was going to be as special as any other baby born on that day - and every day whenever the world is blessed with new souls. 

To think that all of us were once as vulnerable and small as the new Royal Baby amazes me, and it makes me proud that I am a human because there are so many undiscovered truths about our species which have yet to be found! I guess that I'm not going to be the one to figure Biology's biggest unsolved question out, but I hope that we might get a little closer to the truth within my lifetime - or should it remain a bewildering secret destined to puzzle humanity forever? 

Anyway, imagine my surprise when, having just emerged from my bedroom shortly after eleven o' clock this morning, to be told that the Duchess had given birth to a daughter - the scenario that I'd been hoping for as far back as Prince George's birth! Like all young girls, I always dreamt of becoming a princess - a fantasy further boosted by obsessively watching the likes of Cinderella, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast (which I re-watched last month) - because it sounded so wonderful, along with the prospect of wearing the most beautiful gowns. 

Though Disney isn't exactly the most reliable source for real-life matters as the new princess is unlikely to dress up a la Princess Aurora in the 21st century, it is nonetheless a fantasy that I've still kept with me as I've gotten older - and I'm sure that there are many other teenage girls who feel the same! 

All in all, I hope that the new Royal Baby is doing well and will shortly be coming home, meeting her older brother for the first time. As for her name, I wouldn't be at all surprised if she was called Charlotte because it is quite modern, which I think needs to be reflected in whatever name she is given!

In the meantime, I shall return to my dreams of wearing gowns, drinking tea (which I've since realised I absolutely detest) from antique cups and dancing with my very own Prince Charming...

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