Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Clothes Haunting Me in My Dreams

What with embarking on my first foreign adventure at the end of next month (YES - only less two months to go until I'm on my way to oh-so-chic France for several nights!), my search for holiday-appropriate clothes has unofficially commenced. Having initially been somewhat uninterested in stocking up on a wardrobe of new, yet-to-be-worn clothes because of recently splashing out, I'm now fighting the urge to place many beautiful pieces into virtual shopping bags whenever I go online. Really, the internet can be quite cruel at times when it bombards you with images of pretty dresses, enviably casual cropped jeans and stylish t-shirts which are bound to turn heads - how can I not satisfy my appetite for shopping?

Girls, this is a problem that many of us face at this time of year and, no matter how determined you might be to keep a tight grip on your purse, ignoring powerful cravings is a thousand times harder than resisting the last Oreo in the packet. And most people think that dieting is difficult - have you even LIVED?! Willing yourself to stay away from Topshop, H&M and even bargain basement Primark is sheer torture which nobody deserves to endure; in my opinion, shopping is beneficial for happiness, pleasure and confidence in yourself. Unlike the endlessly cold winter, summer is really the sole opportunity that you can express your personality through your clothes... well, if you can rely on the classic damp British weather not ruining your annual opportunity.

Luckily, I'll be escaping any possibilities of humid showers for several days when I swap my native land for France, a country renowned for its fabulous sense of style - which shall definitely make a pleasant change from the fake tan, baggy tracksuit bottoms and ridiculous make-up that is more commonplace here! As I've always dreamt of visiting France, this trip, which I'm able to go on thanks to selecting French as one of my GCSE options, means a lot to me because experiencing a different culture has intrigued me for years. Like all things, trying something new is not only uplifting, but immensely thrilling - and I'm now counting down the weeks (and eventually days) until my dream starts at the very early time of 7.30 on a Monday morning...

Now that I've sorted out my passport, health insurance card and hair straighteners (obviously the greatest priority of all), I'm more than ready to focus my attention on the clothes and accessories I want to bring on my first trip abroad. France is likely to be a bit warmer than is expected in the UK, so I doubt that my ridiculously warm dressing gown will be needed! T-shirts, light cardigans, jeans, one or two dresses are probably going to find their way into my suitcase (and I don't even know which one I'm going to be using!), along with a few pairs of cheap earrings because I really would be beside myself if I lose my fancier ones abroad!

In general, I probably already know what I'll put in my suitcase, but I nonetheless fantasise about other things which I'd love to bring to France - some of which would need quite a lengthy loan if I were to purchase it! From handbags to dresses, there are many things which have caught my fashion-conscious eye, fortunately a few of which definitely won't put me in the red!

H&M, £14.99

OK, I'm pretty much certain that you are thinking one thing: 'it's too dark for the summer'! Yeah, it might look a bit down-in-the-dumps-because-it's-January-esque, but I just adore the style of it - as I'd recently caught up on the latest episode of Mad Men, my mind has been transported to the 60s/70s, eras when you would have expected women to wear dresses as cute and stylish as the one above.

Besides, I might as well admit that I'm a massive lover of collars, which only accentuates the dress' femininity; you would stand no chance of stopping me from gazing at in a shop! That reminds me that I have to go all the way into the city to visit an H&M store, which might not even stock this stunning dress. Hmm, tonight might be a night of persuading the parents to let me get this dress (as a special award for my so-far excellent results in my mock exams - and, um, being a bit poorly earlier this morning).

Well, a girl has to treat herself sooner or later, doesn't she? Certainly not bad for £15!

New Look, £7.99
Grey Nothing To Wear T-Shirt | New Look
As almost, if not all, people, experience at one point in their lives, a horrible thought crosses our minds: we have absolutely nothing (or rien, or you fancy putting a French twist on it) to wear. Yikes! Though our parents sigh like the weight of the world - a.k.a your wardrobe which is near bursting point with amazing clothes - when we moan about our need to raid Oxford Street, it is very frustrating when you tire of all the t-shirts, jeans, jackets, skirts, dresses and whatever you hide in your wardrobe. Talk about a nightmare!

Anyway, I've realised that this t-shirt is immune to the 'oh-no-I-don't-know-what-wear- syndrome which strikes confused teens because it pokes fun at the occasional dilemmas that fashion presents to us. As a fashion lover, I adore a bit of irony and sarcasm, which this t-shirt fabulously reflects - whilst presenting three other colours (white, cream and black) so you can never have a disastrous start to your day ever again!

If you want, please send me a message expressing your dearest appreciation for my services. No irony included.

Louis Vuitton St Germain PM Handbag, £1,460

Yes, yes, yes: this is the bag that I'd love to have! Not only is it a gloriously vibrant colour, but I find it impossible to resist loving the bag's shape, which screams elegance to me. Already, there are images flooding in my head of carrying it around whilst being clad in a summery dress - exactly the the look I'm aiming to create in France!

Unlike the previous two items, I doubt that the Bank of Mum and Dad would provide a loan as large as the one needed to afford this bag: needless to say, £1500 would take quite a long time to pay back! Instead of getting the 'real thing', I think my best bet would be to look for a replica on the high street which, as cheaper fashion chains refer to the designer labels for more inspiration than ever nowadays, shouldn't be an awfully hard task.

Still, I wouldn't say no to a Louis Vuitton bag - as if anybody would!

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