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Let's Talk About... My Life

When I set up Life as a Modern Teen over eighteen months ago, I seriously didn't know what I aimed to achieve. By this, I'm referring to actually changing the world or, as all young, fame-obsessed writers hope for, becoming 'the voice of a generation'. Unfortunately, I doubt that I'm going to receive that oh-so-coveted title anytime soon because my voice, for starters, is very different to the numerous accents which define the area I now reside in, yet I did manage to bear one thing in mind: discussing my life.

More often than not, adults get the wrong end of the stick about what it is like to be a teenager in the 21st century, believing that it's all about selfies, entire weekends spent trawling around town and posting cryptic messages on Twitter at one in the morning. Although the mentioned examples might apply to quite a few teenagers, they are hardly a proper insight into what our lives are truly like, are they? There is much more to our lives than our phones, gadgets and portrait-ready selfies, which I sometimes feel that adults don't fully understand - hence why I think that, as a passionate writer, I ought to use my skill to promote the message that adolescence goes far beyond that/

OK, nobody has exactly nominated me to be the so-called 'voice of a generation', but I'd rather get my point across than let people make statements about teenagers that definitely don't relate to me. Seriously, I wasn't blessed with a fiery, hot-as-a-jalapeno-pepper temper for nothing - it might as well be used for something meaningful, don't you think?

Anyway, I think that I've so far done a decent job of providing a unique insight into a modern teenager's life, even if my habits are slightly unique or not on a par with other adolescents my age, yet all teenagers have the right to be who they are - regardless of whether or not they have discovered their 'identity' yet. As I'm typically a year older than my peers at school, I feel more comfortable with who I am so, unlike some certain people, I don't fall to pieces if I'm not accepted by the 'main' crowd, who I definitely know will lose their seemingly 'royal' statuses as soon as their school days are over. A year is a year, but I've managed to use my older age - which totally makes me sound like I need a round of Botox to bring back my youth! - to my advantage because I can distinguish what is foolish and what is best for me.

From the moment Life as a Modern Teen was fertilised into a blog so many months ago, I have nourished it as best as I could, and have cared for it like a mother would protect her child. Whatever happens, my promise of keeping it real shall forever remain intact - and today I'd like to present you with an insight into my daily life.

The day in question is Thursday, which is otherwise recognised as The Worst Day of the Week because my weekly hour of compulsory hell - better known as Core P.E. - is fitted into my timetable, also sadly involving Maths as my first lesson of the day. In addition to this, I attended my first Parents' Evening at school that evening, an experience that was not only different but quite thrilling. As ever, I get kicks out of doing new things, especially because I can finally say that I've done it - nothing irritates me than having to uncover a baffling mystery!

Before I ramble on like a maniac, I shall begin...

6am I wake up, feeling unsettled from nightmares involving a Rounders bat and squealing like a strangled piglet whenever a fly landed on my porcelain-pale skin - potentially a premonition into what was in store for me in P.E. later that day. Despite the strong urge to return to bed, I get up, clean face (with a wet muslin cloth before dabbing some Witch Stick onto several persistent spots - I will get them one day!), then slip into my uniform, which totally makes me look 10 years younger. It often winds me up when people think that I'm younger than I actually when I'm wearing my uniform, because I always look much older if clad in my usual clothes - definitely a reason why I want school uniforms to be banned!

6.05am Contemplate burning uniform because my tie looks like a complete mess, but manage to calm oneself down.

6.10am Venture downstairs for a bite to eat, but only after putting an inch-thick layer of powder foundation, lashings of jet black mascara and nude eye shadow to make myself look slightly more awake. Judging by the purplish bags (which worryingly resemble the bruises you'd sustain after a night spent in a cell) hanging beneath my eyes, this tactic hasn't worked!!!

6.30am Finish eating my breakfast which, if I can remember correctly (as you can always rely on me to remember what I've eaten, but never all of the eight Circle Theorems), was two slices of plain toast, an apple and a small glass of orange juice. I almost lost my temper when Dad switched the TV on which, as it was on Election Day, was only discussing one thing: politics. Almost consider returning to bed in order to escape another segment on the Tories, but remember that my mascara would get smudged if I rested my face on a pillow!

8.20am After spending the best part of two hours doing literally nothing (apart from weight-lifting, playing with kittens and ensuring that I'd actually put my lunch in my schoolbag), I eventually get a lift to school from Mum, which provides me with a perfect opportunity to look out the window and think about the day ahead of me...

8.40am Arrive at school - marvel at the amount of boys wearing trousers of various shades of grey. Start wondering why the next 50 Shades of Grey film cannot be filmed in lovely old England...

8.45am Catch up with my friends who I eventually find after walking around the campus at least twice. Think that I've burnt my breakfast off. One of my friends was to celebrate her birthday the day afterwards (Friday), so she was telling us about ordering a Dominos pizza and which flavour she wanted to get. Really had to try my hardest not to drawl with delight whilst thinking about vegetarian pizza, but managed to keep my dignity intact. Then I gave my friend a bag of Confused Skittles for her b-day, some of which she shared around just before everyone went to Form. Realised that I don't like watermelon - shall avoid in the future.

8.55 to 9.15am Form time - can't even escape the Election in here! Forced to vote for one of the top four Political parties in Britain: Labour; Conservative; Liberal Democrats; and Ukip. Was advised not to declare who I voted for, which I shall bear in mind on here, but definitely didn't vote for the party with colours to resemble a beastly wasp.

9.20am First period - Maths. UGH!!! Just a few weeks after sitting an unnerving Mock, my teacher decided to force the class into sitting a test on Angles, which I certainly enjoyed (not!).

9.25am Test began, but seriously didn't know HOW to answer the questions.

9.36am Still, not all could could have been bad if I managed to remember all eight Circle Theorems.

9.37am Remembered that I wouldn't get any extra marks for getting my Circle Theorems right.*sad face*

10.05am Test finished - thank goodness!

Five seconds later Told to have my test marked in class; was hoping to escape it for a while longer.

10.15am After another class member marked my test, I got my paper back: a D2. A D in a test that I spent the previous evening revising for?! Not fair!!!

10.20am Finally escape Maths, heading to the pleasant environment that is English for an hour.

10.50am Wish that I could meet my very own Romeo and lived in a place as romantic as Verona. Sigh.

11.20 to 11.40am Break (a.k.a. stuff yourself with sugar-loaded snacks) time!

11.40 to 12.40pm Third period - French, my only GCSE option of the day.

12.40 to 1.20pm Lunch time! Devour a ham roll, two baby cucumbers and gulp down tons of water; dream of having a bar of chocolate, particularly when I see one of my friends eating bars after bars of chocolate. Feeling very envious!

1.20 to 2.20pm Fourth period - P.E. Just DON'T even ask me about it (though I luckily didn't have to go outdoors into the freezing cold, btw).

2.20pm Stumble out of the P.E. complex, excited to have an hour of Science to take my mind off balls, tennis rackets and racing around a boiling hot hall which didn't have any fresh air.

2.30pm Receive the results from the Science Mock I'd sat two days before (Tuesday): a C!!! As I'd sat the Foundation paper, the highest grade I could have gained was a C, so I proved to myself that I could pass Science!

2.32pm Upon inspecting my paper a bit more closely, I discovered that I performed the worst on the Biology section, which doesn't MAKE ANY SENSE. Biology is my absolute favourite part of Science, yet I got higher marks on Physics which I truly reserve no passion for!

2.32 to 3.20pm Spend the whole hour smirking and grinning that I passed - well, at least one test that week went well!

3.21pm Leave Science, before racing to Reception to drop off my P.E. kit and get my clothes from Mum, who would be seeing me later for Parents' Evening. She even brought me my three-inch heels so I would finally be able to tower over some people.

3.22pm Nearly stumble whilst walking to the Performing Arts block, where I was going to write up some coursework for my current project on Masks. Also notice that pupils behave a bit better as I walked past - am amazed that heels can make one think that you're a teacher!

3.25 to 4.45pm After getting changed, I went to the Music room to write some coursework, but only wrote about 400 words (which, for me, is virtually nothing) as I was chatting to my friends. Only three people turned up - I'd expected most of the class to have been there! Then again, that is proof of how Parents' Evening throws everything up the wall...

4.45pm Met my Mum in Reception, which looks far grander than the one in the local Asda. Patiently waited for Dad to arrive straight from work.

4.50pm Dad finally arrived, just as I'd returned from putting my bags into the car boot (and panicked about not locking the car - damn my short-sighted eyes for not looking properly!).

4.55pm Enter the Great Hall, five minutes early ahead of my first appointment with my French teacher.

4.55 to 6.10pm My parents and I visit nearly all of my teachers (one of whom we couldn't see due to being absent), sometimes seeing one teacher before automatically visiting another or, as I did for English, stand for absolutely ages. Mum and Dad were really pleased to hear about my grades and what I could possibly achieve next year (possibly an A in Performing Arts, which thrilled me greatly!), in addition to liking all of my teachers. Amazingly, I found my way around the campus to see my teachers, some of whom were spread out all over the place, despite being five minutes late for one of my appointments - losing track of the time was so easy, especially as I'd taken my watch off! Whilst waiting for one of my appointments, I picked up several brochures on entering the teaching profession, a job which I've recently taken an interest into getting when I finish school. These will hopefully help me when I consider which options to choose upon applying to Sixth Form later this year.

6.15pm Just under ten hours after I'd arrived at school, I finally got into the car to go home - and have something more appetising than a half-squashed box of raisins to eat!

6.45pm Arrived home, instantly devouring into a small bowl of potato wedges leftover from yesterday's dinner before regretting my ill-though decision to eat so quickly, which made me suddenly lose an appetite for tonight's meal of chicken curry and bombay potatoes.

6.48pm After going upstairs to put my things away (and try to figure out whether my missing P.E. sock was hiding), Dad praised me for 'doing so well' that evening. Time to glow like an angel, then!

7.30pm Eat the curry, still wishing that I'd avoided the potato wedges. Still, a stomach ache hardly stopped me from having several vegetable samosas!

8.00 to 9.00pm Pre-bedtime - took make-up off, cleaned face, showered, got changed and started to relax before going to bed. Ah.

9.00pm Read one of the newspapers, realising that tonight would have been my only opportunity to read it before it would end up in the cats' litter tray the following morning - the most irritating thing that could possibly happen!

9.20pm Start thinking about my bed and how snuggly it would be to get into it.

9.21pm Fantasise about closing my eyes, before transporting myself onto a pleasant journey into Dreamland...

9.28pm Have had enough of dreaming about Dreamland - cannot be bothered to stay awake for a moment longer! Bed time it is!

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