Thursday, 28 May 2015

Ooh La La... Got a New Look!!!

Today, my feelings of excitement are not only the result of uninterrupted sleep, evenings devoted to re-watching old favourites (though I better keep my fondness of New Moon as quiet as possible!) and consuming massive chocolate muffins that I, a yet-to-be-discovered magnificent baker, made yesterday: in fact, getting a new look has sent shivers of delight down my spine, a sensation that I keep re-experiencing literally every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Really, what could be so different about me? OK, my face might morph into a pepperoni-esque pizza every now and then when hormones are raging more furiously than a Fast and Furious film, but I don't think that I have changed too much - though my hair would tell you otherwise!

Shortly before crawling into the leopard print jungle that is my cat-tastic bed last night, I managed to persuade my mum to cut the hair - as crazy as it definitely sounds, my hair has to be referred to as 'the' or 'it', which pretty much suggests that it has a life of its own! Well, truth be told, my hair is one of the most important things in my life because, unlike my daily struggles with battling unruly spots, it provides me with the utmost joy that a teenager could ever hope to experience. Sure, I've considered chopping it off during the periods when grease has claimed its reign on my lank locks, whose straightness - a trend that most girls my age seem to be obsessed with - has cursed me with excess oil that I absolutely despise.

While wavy- or curly-haired girls air their desires to achieve hair as straight as mine, tears well up in my eyes - because my fairytale ending would come true if my hair decided to develop some volume, and wave farewell to its days of boringness, which is definitely the only word that I can use to describe my dead-straight hair.

Before I'm plunged into a bucket of the oil that my hair is tragically able to produce (with hardly any effort, so it sometimes seems - I'm sure that the likes of KFC and McDonald's would relish an opportunity to save the environment with my greasy locks!), I'd been resisting the urge to get my hair cut for ages until yesterday. Why? In previous years, you could definitely place a winning bet on my moaning like an irritable diva whenever the warmer weather arrived because my hair used to be too short to be tied into a ponytail - most definitely the greatest creation that has relieved me from heatwave terror!

As important as my hair is to me, I seriously can't be bothered to wash or style it during the rare, possibly once-a-year occasions when a heatwave descends upon England, sending all of its inhabitants into a Cornetto-eating frenzy for several days. Once several years ago, I nearly passed out from straightening my already-straight hair - before you even complain, I've already had words with my twelve year old self over there being no logic in doing such a useless thing - when the heat was nearing 30 degrees, from which I've most certainly learnt a lesson: don't do anything during a heatwave! However, tying my hair back makes life much easier because I don't have to obsess for another second over how my locks look, in addition to having a massive weight lifted from my sweating shoulders.

Yet, as I asked myself yesterday, was it worth leaving my hair as it was - long, string-like and heavy - for the sake of being able to tie it back if England was fortunate enough to get some warm weather? As far as I can remember, there weren't any proper heat waves last year, though the climate is a bit cooler since moving to a different area. The answer to my question? No. By then, I'd grown sick of my hair, which had lost its thickness since growing past my shoulders and seemed to get greasier much quicker than usual - and, whenever I've reached that point, a haircut is usually the best solution.

Unlike some people, I'm not in the least interested in the current 'trends' in the world of hair styles - even though I've got no problem with people following these trends, I don't see why I ought to follow the crowd, too. My hair is under my control - one of the best things in which I can express my independence without being instructed by others on how to wear or style it. In all honesty, I've hardly seen any girls in my year with short hair, yet I've never shied away from being what you might call the 'odd one out'; in fact, I celebrate it because being the same as everybody else is depressingly dull in comparison to doing your own thing!

After much snipping and length-checking, I got my new look last night - and, without even having to think twice about it, I simply adore it! Slightly above my chin, my hair has suddenly transformed from a long, yet sadly lanky pair of curtains into a short, but adorably chunky bob; even though I was slightly shocked by its length, I've since grown to appreciate it, especially as I didn't wake up to strands of greasy hair glued to my face this morning. Well, I'm already hopeful that my hair's oiliness will be somewhat controlled by the new length, which will make my giving up a slicked back ponytail worth the sacrifice. Yet, judging by what I've already gained, I don't consider not being able to tie my hair back to be a devastating sacrifice!

What's more, I curled my hair several hours ago... and I feel like I've fallen in love. For the first time. I guess that wanting to kiss yourself in the mirror happens to most girls at one time or another, but I cannot resist looking in the mirror without letting a massive grin light up my face. At this rate, I reckon that all the mirrors in the house will be hidden away from me - I'm known to spend around ten minutes simply gazing at freshly washed hair!

Ah, anything is worth the effort if it's for the sake of my hair...

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