Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Holding On For Another Day...

Beneath my bed, I've hidden two bars of chocolate nested between my old teddy bears and blankets. Wrapped in pretty sky blues and juicy purple pinks, the chocolate serves as a reminder of what I've forced myself to abstain from for over six weeks, yet also symbolises the gift that I'll be entitled when the abstaining period is finally over. 

Well, let's say that desperation seized hold of me around a week ago, gripping me tighter than a cat's claw, which motivated me to research numerous ways of skirting around my least favourite event of the year: Lent. Ugh, how the word sends horrific shivers down my spine as only suffering and deep longing is endured if I ever sign up to its yearly challenge! Like a Maths test, Lent tests me in many ways that I could never imagine, pushing me further than a ten minute stint on a speeding treadmill ever does. 

At the beginning, I'm full of enthusiasm when I embark on the long six week journey that counts down to Easter, which I'm certain almost every teenager on the planet embraces as the oh-so-perfect excuse to gorge on chocolate and bunny-shaped sweets as though the world could end tomorrow. After a few days of steering clear of my chosen forbidden treat, I start to settle into the mindset that Lent isn't as tough as it is often portrayed to be - in fact, if I've got the willpower to avoid a mouthful of chocolate for one week, who's to say that I can't manage six or more weeks? 

Unfortunately, the early optimism gradually leaves an empty hole within me as time wears on, which builds my chocolate cravings into a state that it hurts to think about it. Suddenly, a week seems as long as a year, particularly so at weekends when I'm surrounded with cupboards piled high with bars of chocolate that I failed to finish off before Lent gained control of my wiser senses. I even couldn't stay away from chocolate at school, which resulted in my having to tragically decline chocolates that I'd earnt the right to after working hard all term - and quite possibly won't have another opportunity to enjoy anytime soon! 

Still, I'm determined to not look back at the past six weeks and only think of the many special deals I missed at Asda because tomorrow will mark my very first day in being able to consume chocolate once again. Yes, I'm honestly not kidding you or myself - even Google agrees with me! Tomorrow is recognised as Holy Thursday which, as far as I'm concerned, is the earliest opportunity to give up Lent - something that I'll definitely have no problem in doing. In the past, I've always waited until Easter Sunday to give myself permission to devour six weeks worth of chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks, but something provoked me to check it out on the internet, which certainly suggested otherwise. To you, several days might represent nothing, but it's the opposite for me - the sooner, the better!

To be honest, I'm not sure if I want to go through Lent again because, what with sitting major exams next year, I don't know whether I'll have enough motivation to give up something that could very well be a symbol of relief and happiness during what will definitely be a stressful time. Chocolate is chocolate, but I appreciate it enough to not go mad whenever it is placed in front of me, though I'll probably struggle to contain myself when I let myself have a few squares in a days' time - how will I ever give it up again?

Anyway, I decided to get my favourite brand, Green and Black's, in honour of my efforts - both for successfully abstaining from chocolate and working hard in general - over the past few weeks. Usually, I don't like milk chocolate, but Green and Black's has proved to me that not all chocolate brands have adopted a sickly sweet flavour; hence why I'm reluctant to get an Easter egg this year because most of the ones sold in the supermarkets are produced with the cheapest and most disgusting ingredients. And, with an eagerness to try something new, I saw no problem in getting a milk chocolate bar infused with raisins and nuts, which will hopefully ease my guilt if I eat one too many squares in a single sitting. Really, you'd be amazed by the lengths I'd go to to remain healthy, even for something as sweet, delicious and creamy as chocolate! 

Thankfully, I've only got to wait for today to pass before my struggles are over, so I shall get on with some stuff (um, probably best if it wasn't cocoa-themed) until the best day of the week arrives - along with the many things that I recently ordered from Amazon. Something tells me that Thursday will be a very happy day...

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