Sunday, 7 June 2015

When I reach the end of a week, there is usually a part of me that feels slightly sad, somewhat exposed to the disappointing news that a length of time has come to an end, with a new beginning once again on the horizon. To be honest, I've had a tendency to regard Sundays - supposedly once believed to be a 'day of rest', though my homework would definitely banish that ridiculous myth - as rather strange because, unlike any other day of the week, everything seems to grind to a massive halt. Instead of fantasising about places to go to or sensing that busyness hangs heavily in the air, Sundays are quiet, peaceful and, if you can never go five minutes without having something to keep you occupied like me, pretty boring - hardly how I would like to celebrate the end of the week!

Indeed, I've been racking my brain for ideas on what to do today, having quickly gotten bored of reading a new book, the thrillingly captivating City of Bones which I CANNOT believe that I hadn't picked up until a few days ago, and playing with my kitten, George, who has developed a worrying interest in hanging out in my en-suite and, um, messing about with things that we humans ought to keep to ourselves. Before you get the wrong idea - and possibly accuse me of whatever might be racing through your mind - George is fascinated with the shower and sink, which I'm pretty sure he is tempted to leap into one of these days, though cats are renowned for hating water. Well, even cats have a right to express their individuality, but I would prefer it if George expressed himself in areas other than my private space, which is bound to be covered in his extremely long and dark fur! 

Asides from kitten mayhem, I've been longing to be engaged in an activity that would stop me from thinking about boredom, which has a funny way of catching me out while I wait to have dinner (typically a roast - truly the only reason why I bother to get out of bed on Sundays!) on a Sunday afternoon. Therefore, I've decided to blog because I wouldn't be surprised if there were many other teenagers surfing the internet in the hope of relieving the hole that our hearts feel while boredom creates a cruel, emotion-wrecking emptiness within you. 

Of course, boredom is boredom - after starting a new term this week, part of me gladly welcomes it because it means that I'm not freaking out about tests, homework or revision for five minutes, a fantasy which I strongly wished to come true during the endless madness that took hold during the week. Honestly, I gave up counting the amount of times (which, believe me, was a lot; well, what else was I expected to do whilst bored out of my poor little mind in the dullest lessons ever?) I fantasied about being at home, lying on my bed as I'm doing now and not having to worry about getting through an hour of Physics for a short while. Mmm, the glowing image of perfect, pristine paradise! Yet, isn't crazy that as soon as I achieve my midweek fantasy that I'm wishing for the opposite of what myself a few days before would have given up anything to obtain? Talk about a lack of appreciation, but that's me for you!

While I try to drag myself out of the deadly deep sea that is otherwise known as my lack of imagination, a beautifully bright Sunday afternoon is passing by - a sad sign that the weekend is drawing to a close, even though it only feels like two minutes ago when I was literally dancing with delight around my room that Friday night had arrived. As I spent almost the whole of yesterday shopping in the city, I feel as though today has been my only day off - especially as I've got to wait until next Saturday to enjoy the honour of staying tucked in bed until past 10am! Oh well, I don't really have the right to complain about shunning an extra long lie-in yesterday because I got a few clothes, accessories and beauty products out of my early rising, which is far more than I would have achieved by staying in bed all morning, isn't it?

One thing that has officially confirmed to me that I'm no longer a sweet-faced, pink dress-wearing little girl anymore this week is discovering that I'm growing a wisdom tooth, a significant, if not highly irritating, milestone in my journey towards adulthood. After weeks of fearing that I'd taken my love affair with ultra dark - and equally hard - chocolate a bite too far and lost a tooth, I finally realised that a wisdom tooth was slowly, but most definitely coming through - an event that I honestly didn't think would happen until I was in my late teens, though it is impossible to predict when these sort of things will occur! 

Despite feeling more superior and mature (though I was already quite so before a tooth heightened my remarkable maturity), I've had to come to terms with the upsetting news that most crunchy foods - such as crisps and dry-as-an-over-baked-potato crackers - should be avoided while my wisdom tooth gets over the initial 'growing in' period, which I'm hoping won't take forever. Therefore, I've already had to deny myself a bag of crisps and a delightfully crunchy (to the extent that, if you don't position your teeth on it properly, you risk snapping your jaw!) seeded cracker, which has made me yearn to have my dinner sooner than ever - ugh, I would have never anticipated what emotional agony a single tooth could cause! 

And the worst thing of all? Thanks to my mouth feeling rather sore and numb, I had to take several mouthfuls of salted water - not the kind of water you'd use for boiling vegetables, but PROPER salt water - which tasted absolutely revolting. Even when I spat the horrible mixture out, the flavour of salt - for which I don't have a great fondness at the best of times - lingered in my mouth like a stale bag of crisps at a pub. Whether drinking this solution benefitted my wisdom tooth or not, I'm not really sure, yet I've so far managed to escape my mum's orders to swish the most disgusting drink to have ever been created on this planet today; let's hope that I won't be forced to taste such a terrible flavour any time soon, even if it's supposed to make my new tooth feel better! 

Tooth problems aside, I'm hoping to have a quieter week, as I managed to pass an ICT exam on Friday - beforehand, I'd failed a practise test, so I'm thrilled to have passed it with flying colours! Anyway. the first week back is always exhausting and busy, so it is no wonder that I'm amazed by how quiet today has seemed, despite enjoying a pleasant and relaxing half-term the week before. 

In the meantime, I shall return to waiting for my dinner, as you would always catch me doing every Sunday afternoon - well, I suppose that some things never change...

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