Saturday, 6 June 2015

How I Love Seeing a Film

First of all, good evening on what has definitely been an action-packed day for me! Usually, I wouldn't bother posting an entry so late into the day (especially as I'm 99.9% sure that I'll be tucked up in my oh-so-warm bed within the next hour or so), yet the urge to blog was too strong to resist. Seriously, all sensibility that has no problem in guiding my wiser senses during the week has created an irritating habit of disappearing like a TV remote at the weekend - undoubtedly causing problems that I'd much rather avoid!

Oh well, I can't help not being in a sensible mood; how often is it that I can stay up this late, anyway? Going to bed at around nine thirty on weeknights is obviously good for me, yet following the lifestyle of a sinless angel eventually becomes so boring... is it no wonder that I wish to express my devilish side every once in a while?

Compared to some things, such as taking a Hula Hoop out of a bag of crisps that your mum was having whilst she wasn't looking, staying up late on my laptop isn't overly bad - I definitely have a lot to learn about what truly deserves to be classified as bad! Anyway, there is a reason why I didn't manage to upload a post earlier today which, to my relief, did not involve the temporary demise of broadband (a catastrophic nightmare that is more likely to occur in the countryside, otherwise my home): I went to the cinema to see the box office hit, Pitch Perfect 2.

For possibly the first time ever, the cinema nearest to me - or should I say preferable, as my 'nearest' one is further away than the actual nearest one to me? - is actually showing a film that I want to see, so I didn't have to think twice about watching the sequel to Pitch Perfect, which is quite possibly one of the most hilarious films that I've ever seen. On several occasions over the past few months, I've read positive reviews about amazing films that I've been very interested in seeing them, but guess what? Nowhere other than London actually bothers to show these films, even when they are supposed to be on 'national release' - considering that there are many regions outside of London, I doubt that these releases are shown to the whole nation!

Yet, to my delight, I haven't been able to escape the trailers for Pitch Perfect 2 on TV or the radio since it came out several weeks ago, so I've been spared the suffering of logging onto the cinema's website to find that it isn't being shown anywhere at all. Really, I've given up counting the many times that my heart has been broken by brilliant films not being released in the local area, yet Pitch Perfect 2 has thankfully restored my faith in cinemas!

Typically, I end up feeling pretty disappointed with sequels because they hardly ever live up to the original film, which exposes the viewer to so many new things that keep them engaged and entertained through the whole movie. As you are bound to know and understand the characters in the sequel, such matters can hardly be referred to because you would simply be going over the same thing - or the plot could take a turn for such silliness that the usually dull idea of falling asleep in your chair suddenly becomes more appealing than ordering a cheese-stuffed crusted pizza from Dominos. Indeed, sleep can save you from the cruel embrace of boredom, yet it is a rescue that can be easily avoided!

Luckily, I didn't have to rely on sleep to save me from the dreaded nodding off feeling this afternoon because I was kept on the edge of my seat (even if it wasn't as wide as I often hope when going to a cinema) throughout the entire time I was watching the film, which I definitely think was better than the first. Yes, for possibly the first time in my life, I actually believe that a sequel can be a significant improvement to the first - one new thing that I've most certainly learnt today!

Unlike the first film, I didn't waste time literally screaming to the screen (which would have resulted in my being thrown out - not acceptable for a prefect like myself!) because the Barden Bellas couldn't sing songs from the 21st century, which literally took until almost the end of Pitch Perfect to do so. In the sequel, there were great songs, just the right amount of humour and attention-grabbing action - what more could you want from a film?

Unfortunately, it isn't often when I hear of decent films that gain my interest, so I really appreciate it when I do manage to go to a cinema, an experience that I never get bored of doing, despite the ridiculous prices of food and drink (which I always abstain from purchasing there) winding me up before I even go to see the film!

However, one trailer that I watched before the film started was the adaptation of John Green's novel, Paper Towns, which I read and loved a few months ago. A year on, I haven't come any closer to figuring out what possessed me to not go to the cinema to see last's year definite tearjerker (though I didn't cry a single tear when I finally saw it on DVD, yet Marley and Me brought tears to my eyes!), The Fault in Our Stars. This time, I'm determined to not repeat the same mistake, but at least I won't have to worry about mascara streaking down my face - perhaps the reason why I avoided seeing The Fault in Our Stars so no one notice my resemblance to a panda!

Hopefully, this will mean that my occasional love affair with cinemas will not be condemned to a bittersweet end any time soon, though I never lose the excitement of returning to a place I scarcely know every now and then because it still remains exciting - unlike some places I regularly go to, however much I really like them. And, most importantly of all, watching a film is the greatest form of escapism that I've discovered - exactly what I've needed after a long and certainly exhausting first week back in my final term of the academic year. Well, at least my weekend is turning out to be a pleasant one!

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