Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tuesday Tunes - Being Queen

It's a question that. at one point or another in our lives, we are faced with, yet we often don't give much thought to what it represents when it is posed to us: who are you?

Usually, I would just declare my first name (which, perhaps to your extremely great disappointment, I have no intentions of letting slip anytime soon) before proceeding to mentioning my surname if the situation requires it. Then, if my surname still does not satisfy the one questioning me (by now I would be dangerously hovering to the exploding-like-a-volcano area), I would stop in my tracks for several seconds and truly think about what I'm being asked.

What makes me who I am? There is a whole planet to explore when that question is put towards me because there are so many answers that I could give: the descriptions are endless! However, if I'm really keen on having my dinner before bedtime, I'm afraid that travelling the equivalent of Africa within the realms of my capacious mind is hardly an option; condensing my words into several sentences is quite necessary for the sake of going to bed with a satisfied appetite, I think!

Having offered myself several moments to consider the question in depth, here is my carefully laid-out response: I'm a sixteen year old girl, whose life revolves around sleeping, learning, watching TV (particularly documentaries on birth and kentucky fried chicken, though obviously not on just one programme!) and constantly resisting the urge to duck my head into bags of oh-so-moreish Maltesers.

In addition to my fabulous habits, I also run my own blog, which I spoil like a pampered dog (pets of which I've never had), whilst trying to maintain a somewhat existent social life in between studying for crucial exams that will ultimately determine which path I shall follow in a years' time.

Furthermore, my parents would describe me as hard-working, pleasant and cheerful, whereas my brother might toss words such as hormonal and bad-tempered in my face like a badly thrown pancake in a vain attempt to wind me up (though this only tends to occur when Sky Sports News has almost nothing interesting to report).

And finally, I gained the status of a prefect at school just over twenty four hours ago, which basically means that I can boss people about and claim the title of Queen Bee, leading a life as exciting as Regina George's (albeit in a dark navy, not bubblegum pink, uniform). Anything more I need to tell you?

OK, let's stop rattling on about questions and who you are because, at long last, I've reached the gloriously tasty sauce flowing within the middle of the warm chocolate pudding - being a prefect! Just a day ago, I found out that my role as a prefect was confirmed, which has made me part of a team of approximately twenty or so other prefects within my house. So, I've barely had any time to honestly process all that has recently happened because, in a way, it is somewhat dream-like; for a horrible short period of time, I even feared that I wouldn't become a prefect because so many other people had applied for the same role. Fortunately, those who either put themselves forward or had been nominated by teachers were accepted, so there was no need for any X Factor-style boot camps which, ultimately, would have been rather upsetting for everybody involved.

Also, I applied for the role ages ago and had, to an extent, slightly forgotten about it until yesterday, when I missed my first lesson (unfortunately English - sadly not the dreaded Maths test that I'll be sitting on Thursday morning!) to attend a training course which described what the year-long role holds. From next term, I'll be starting my prefect duties, gradually taking over from the present Year 11 prefects who will be devoting more of their time to preparing to their exams in May and June. Up until roughly around this point next year, I'll be carrying out my prefect duties, which range from patrolling my house's floors, attending parents' evenings and establishing a reputation as a role model to whom the younger years can look up.

All in all, I'm really excited about being a prefect, especially as several of my friends have the same role so it's wonderful to be able to share the experience with some close mates. Doesn't everything always seem easier when you have your friends to accompany you? After the Easter holidays, I will receive my badge, which will show my status to the other pupils. While I'm looking forward to wearing it, Mum's worried that I'll forget to take it off when she washes my blazer in the washing machine! Unlike the phone that I nearly forgot to take out of my pocket one time, I'll be extra careful with my prefect badge!

Thus leads me to one last thing: music. In my mind, I'm an all-powerful and unbeatable force of power, who radiates with as much regality as a member of the Royal Family. Within the playground, I am a Queen. So, doesn't a Queen deserve some songs which are a fitting tribute to her high class status? Away with the music, darling!

Lorde - Royals

Lana Del Rey - National Anthem

Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX - Fancy

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