Saturday, 21 February 2015


First of all, I need to get this off my chest: this entry which you are about to read is long-overdue, and I am ashamed to have avoided getting down to writing it for so long. Even though there have been many obstacles blocking my path along the way, I really can't refer to them as excuses because I only have myself to blame. 

Living in a culture in which we humans are allowed to indulge in our instinctive laziness, I've been spending too much time of late sleeping than actually doing anything worthwhile. And, most importantly, I owe it to two of my favourite petit furries to give them the attention that they definitely deserve. 

Surely you have guessed by now who I'm talking about, or do I have to drop another furry bomb until you get the idea? Well, they might still be on the dainty size, yet their voices and irresistible charm is known of around the world. Know it yet? OK, I'll reveal the answer: my kittens, Teddy and George. 

Whenever I let slip to anybody that I have two kittens, I'm often greeted with squeals of delight and more awws than one can be expected to handle; like puppies, kittens possess this magic which makes people want to cuddle them, for babies are simply the cutest creatures ever. Hopefully, my imagination isn't leading me astray as I picture you doubling over in excitement, gushing over the oh-so-tiny paws and silky soft fur which masks their beauty!

Anyway, I've got plenty to disclose about my precious two, who have been part of my family since last October. Ironically, I fell ill with a cold on the day that we were supposed to pick them up which was during term-time, so I've since believed that having the sniffles was a blessing in disguise because I was able to spend time with the kitties as they settled into their new home. 

Now aged six months, Teddy - a grey tabby whose face is sweeter than all the strawberry bon bons you could buy in a sweet shop - and George - who I like to think of as the Dark Night because of his night-black fur and tough-looking face - are enjoying life, whose early beginnings were quite horrible to say the least. Dumped outside a shop in a nearby city with their mother and two siblings, Teddy and George didn't have the greatest start to life as you would hope, but they were quickly rescued by an animal charity who, without a doubt, saved their lives. Yet, just by looking at them, you wouldn't think that they entered the world in a cardboard box. Luckily, they hardly stayed there for any length of time, so I doubt that they would have any memories of that. 

Originally, my family had only wanted to adopt Teddy, who we first met when he was only nine days old. At such a tender age, Teddy's ears hadn't popped up and his head was as round as an egg; I'd never met a kitten so young, but I was instantly smitten by his adorable face! Several weeks on, though, we realised what a great bond that Teddy had with George who, unlike his other siblings, had not yet found a home, and it pained us to consider how he would feel if Teddy left him behind. Besides, we had always adopted kittens in pairs because we feel that knowing somebody from birth is essential to their happiness, so it wasn't long before we made up our minds to adopt George. 

Not even eight weeks old when they came home, Teddy and George easily settled in their new home, fascinated with all the toys that they could play with. On the other hand, my two older cats, Bart and Benny, were facing a unique crisis: socialising with other cats. Having expected plenty of hisses and yowls, I wasn't at all surprised when Bart and Benny avoided their food for a little while, and hid away from the kittens, whose time was mainly devoted to sleeping. Such innocent things, yet Bart and Benny were scared stiff of them! With a bit of time, they eventually came around and began to get friendlier towards the new arrivals who, whether they were being hugged or hissed at, were unfazed by the elder two's peculiar behaviour.

Nowadays, Teddy and George love nothing more than being cuddled - which, unfortunately for us clothing-wearing humans, leaves tons of fur all over the place (due to their being long-haired) - and playing with their toys. Since we adopted them, they have worn collars with bells so that we can hear them before we see them; at times, I wonder whether they can actually run faster than a cheetah! As they are a bit older, I've started to let them hang out in my bedroom from time to time, where they mainly like lying on my bed or looking out the window. They are growing into really lovely cats and are always wonderful company - perhaps I've found my ideal study buddies?

The one and only Teddy, who I affectionately call the Tedster or simply Teddy Bear. Originally thought to have been a girl, I was elated when we brought him home, having always wished to have a female cat. Fast forward a few weeks, I had only just gotten home from school when my mum announced that, upon a visit to the vet's, Teddy was indeed a boy - and my dreams of having a girly cat were shattered!

Still, who would think that Teddy is a boy when he really looks like a girl? Anyway, I've gotten over that grim discovery and (mostly) come to terms with his masculinity. 

Whenever I walk over to him, you can bet your money that he will always start purring wildly, literally dancing in the air because I'm going to give him a massive cuddle, which he adores. He always seem to be in a happy mood, and just wishes to share his happiness with everyone he meets. I mean, just look at his smile - not even Mr Happy can manage a grin quite like Teddy's! 

Perhaps not the greatest picture to capture his beautiful fur, George is somewhat the opposite his vivacious brother Teddy: quiet, more understated and less chatty. However, he is one of the most playful cats that I've ever met - I'm sure that a Formula 1 car couldn't keep up with him when he is chasing one of his toys! 

Funnily, George looks older and wiser above his years (well, he isn't even a year old yet), but he does love receiving attention. In my opinion, I think that he is more of a man's cat; he gets on brilliantly with Dad. But George nonetheless likes a gentle stroke and little treats, hence his more muscular physique. 

Having never had a black cat before, I often struggle to take pictures of him because his entire face blends into his velvety fur, so he tends to look like a shadow! If he ever manages to stay still for a moment, I'll definitely improve on taking pictures of my quiet guy, who is hardly impressed by my phone's flash! 

Finally, you've been introduced to two very special members of my family, who have been dying to meet you since October. They hope to keep you updated as they get older (and possibly even furrier than they currently are!), though their acts of mischief might be kept quiet. Or so they hope...


  1. I love the way you write; it's like having a witty face-to-face conversation with someone. You're so lucky to have such beautiful cats!