Saturday, 7 February 2015

After nearly reaching the end of my first week as a sixteen year old, I can't resist asking myself this insightful question: how do I feel? 

Well, my answer is perhaps not quite an answer, but a question that is aimed at myself - how am I supposed to feel? Apart from being a year old according to my birth certificate, I still feel the same as I did this time last week; despite leaping to my sixteenth year on this planet, my identity has changed very little. 

Still, my heart does flutter a little wildly when, like a tornado appearing out of nowhere, it suddenly occurs to me that I am sixteen years old - after spending ages in the seemingly forever-long childhood phase, adulthood isn't too far away now, which poses so much excitement in my life. In many ways, the years seem to have passed by at a snail's pace - slow and rather sluggish - yet I sometimes look around my bedroom and half-expect to see Bratz dolls littered all over my bed, curious as to how I/ve grown up so quickly. 

Like many things, time is so confusing and, if I bothered to devote all my time to understanding it, I would remain as baffled as ever, but I'm just glad to have reached a thrilling stage that opens many doors to me. OK, I might have to wait another year until I can legally learn how to drive, yet I have less than 365 days until I'm able to do so - all my years of wanting to pop around to Asda toute seule will eventually be here! In the meantime, the law allows me to purchase chocolate liquors, though I really don't like any liquors - or, in some instances, have no interest in tasting them, especially when mixed with chocolate that is perfectly fine in its natural form!

Most importantly of all, I feel a bit more grown-up and more confident in myself since celebrating my birthday last Sunday: over the years, I've come a long way, which fills me with pride because I've done and achieved so much. Yet, as a sixteen year old, there is still so much that I want to do - now is only the beginning of my adventures!

One adventure that I'm anticipating greatly is my school trip to France at the end of June, which I found out at the end of last week. As I've never been abroad before, I couldn't help but get my hopes up about crossing the channel to the country that I've wanted to visit ever I started to learn the French language almost four years ago. Fortunately, my school has a residence centre in the country so the fee was extraordinarily cheap - and, like myself, my family couldn't afford to say no to it!

Although my French adventure won't commence for almost five months, the anticipation of exploring a different culture and trying new things, such as mountain biking (which I'm slightly nervous about as I don't know how to ride a bike!), is building inside of me. Hopefully, that excitement will keep my spirit going when I sit mock exams in several months' time, potentially providing a delightful distraction from the bugs and insects that love nothing more than to wreck my summer! 

But the best thing about the trip? It marks another landmark - learning new things independently with the company of other people who, as I've already noticed in my lessons, should provide plenty of laughs! I'll be away from my native land and family for four nights which, despite loving the prospect of experiencing the French way of life, fills me with a bit of uneasiness, but isn't that expected when you are discovering the unknown? 

This year, I want to be more daring and adventurous in what I do because, despite feeling a bit uneasy about being in unfamiliar territory, I get such a kick from proving to myself that I can do it - it is a cycle that I'd love to keep repeating because I never get bored of it! The trip to France might be my first act, yet I really don't want it to stop there. Even the little things - such as spending an afternoon in town with my friends - aren't forgotten: in one way or another, everything matters enormously. 

In the meantime, I shall be as bold as I wish as I search for my nano-sized hairdryer and straighteners that will accompany me on my trip - as the French are renowned for their timeless style, there is no way that I'm going to rough it for several days! 

Let my sixteenth year be one of adventure, excitement and tons of fun - I have no intention of doing anything lightly!

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