Friday, 29 August 2014

J'adore... Music

Long time, no see! For too many months, I've made no mention about one of my finest loves - as declared in the title - which, as there has been a noticeable lack of variety of late, is in great need of returning.

Tastes fluctuate like celebrities' waistlines on a constant basis, depending on my mood and interests at the time. Even if I fall madly in love with a specific genre and can never imagine living without it, I'd definitely get bored if it was all that I ever listened to. Change is always appreciated when it comes to music and, thankfully, themes are either increasing in or losing popularity all the time. Would I be giving myself many options if I only stuck to the classics, ignoring the many modern tracks that have defined my generation?

Typically, I prefer older songs to newer ones because they have already stood the test of time; despite her superstar status at the moment, who is to say that Rihanna will be remembered in two or three decades' time? The reason for my preference is that, unlike plenty of the current chart hits, neither the vocals nor the beat were compromised in order to make the Top 10 - nothing winds me up more than electronic-sounding songs, which share no resemblances with proper music! 

However, you could always remind me that I have a fondness for Lady Gaga, whose majority of songs fall within the EDM (electronic dance music) genre, but her powerful vocals are among the best in music right now. Personally, it just depends whether I'll like a song or not, regardless of its genre - though I'll make an exception for rap which is a definite no-no!

Songs often represent something meaningful to me, which explains why I always have several stored in my memory at any time. Whether it is singing along to Get Lucky while my mum fills up the car at the petrol station or discovering a catchy remix of West Coast on my new music app, these memories play a role in my life. I might be growing up and contending with numerous things at the same time, yet music is just as important as everything else - particularly so if it relates to my Science test!

Today, though, I would like to represent the best - and my current favourites - of songs from a particular genre, instead of randomly choosing tracks on YouTube for the pure sake of it. Pop, r&b, soul, rock, you name it... I've listened to almost all genres at one point, or even more!

Best of... Pop
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Best of Hip-Hop...
Ariana Grande - Problem

Best of... Soul
Sade - When Am I Going to Make A Living

Best of... Alternative Rock
Paramore - Decode

Best of... Jazz
Kelis - Jerk Ribs

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