Monday, 18 August 2014

Decisions, Decisions: Choosing what I like (and dislike) the most

It's about time that I've let you in on a little secret which, depending on whether you ever pay attention to what I say, might come across as the most well-known fact in the world. My so-called 'secret'? I can never make a decision. Indecisive, particular and somewhat confused are among the words which describe me fittingly, and even I don't possess the power to deny what many would deem to be a famous truth. 

For example, I was torn between which treat to go for after dinner. Courtesy of the monthly curse, my sweet cravings had kicked in, which then provoked me to scour almost all the kitchen cupboards in search of a treat that would truly hit the spot. I was ravenous with hunger, drool literally spilling out my lips as the cravings grew stronger and stronger. But, despite checking through the cupboards at least fifty times, I was nowhere near towards satisfying my cravings. 

The reason why? I didn't know what to choose, even though I was spoilt for choice. From dark chocolate KitKats to indulgent Magnums, the world was my oyster within the kitchen - yet I turned my nose up at almost all the available choices. After being reminded about it by my mum, I ended up scoffing the remains of the Christmas Cake of 2013, which later left the lingering flavour of brandy in my mouth. All in all, I was pleased with my decision - one bite automatically calmed my insatiable sweet tooth - but the problem still exists: why does it pain me to make one simple decision?

Everybody knows that every one of us has our good and our bad points, but we literally devote most of our time to focusing on the positives - as if we have the guts to face up to the negatives! However, which course of action would we take if we wanted to turn a negative - like my indecisiveness - into a smiley-faced positive? 

  1. First of all, I would have to take a long hard look at myself (in perhaps the cleanest mirror on the planet which, to my horror, shows up all my glaring spots), and come to terms with the fact that I have a dilemma with making decisions. Letting go of your pride and allowing it to receive a slight blow is sometimes necessary if you wish to get an important message across - even if it relates to an insignificant matter like mine! 
  2. Afterwards, the hardest stage begins: gaining experience. If you're experienced in making decisions, surely you won't struggle with indecisiveness very often, will you? I need to get used to being in a position where decision-making is an acquaintance, and is rarely avoided. It doesn't matter whether the decision relates to which clothes to buy or a place to visit - all experience is priceless! 
  3. And, finally, don't panic. When your brain has turned to mush, how do you expect to be in a good state of mind to make a decision? Relax, breath and, if luck allows it, take a break. Shame that I wasn't thinking straight at times, otherwise decisions would never have become my enemy!
Believe it or not, I do know how to make some decisions when it comes to certain interests of mine. These ones are definitely in my comfort zone and I can answer them without a moment's hesitation which, after last night's treat fiasco, makes a change!

Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate

My early years of childhood were partly defined by a treat which I lovingly call a friend: chocolate. Creamy and temptingly moreish, I realized early on in life that chocolate was special and that, whatever happens, I had to have it. I just had to, OK? 
When my love of chocolate was at its height of popularity several years ago, milk chocolate ruled the reign. Galaxy was my favourite brand, partly due to its creaminess which tasted and even felt like silk, and it always cheered me up when I was in need of a mood boost. 
Then, along came dark chocolate. Rich, bitter and oh-so-chocolatey, I was sent into a spin from the moment I first tasted it. All the sweetness had been zapped out of it and the colour - which was as dark as a midnight black Friesian horse - looked nothing like the soft brown milk chocolate I had always adored.
But maybe fate had other plans in store for me. Who was to know that I would eventually be drawn to the dark side - and leave my bars of Galaxy forever? Within weeks, Cadbury's, Galaxy and my once-delectable Mars bars seized to exist in the kitchen cupboard, replaced with luxurious dark chocolate. 
And, a year on, I haven't turned back.
Winner: Dark chocolate.

Jeans vs. Skirts
Jeans, jeans, jeans. Where would I be without you? You not only cover up my legs which, when overgrown with stubby hairs, have seen better days, but you keep me warm during the long cold months. You give my legs a lovely figure and are a wardrobe staple. I'm even wearing a pair right now - in fact, I probably wear jeans at least 90% of the time!
But skirts? Since I slipped into my first pair of skinny jeans several years ago, skirts have almost been abandoned. Unless I've got a pair of tights on, I would never consider wearing a skirt or, at times, a dress because I don't always like to expose my bare (need-to-be-shaved) legs. Besides, the skirt that I have to wear is for school which, as it is knee-length, disguises the greatest asset of being a teenager - where is the fun in that?
Winner: Jeans. 

Eyeliner vs. Lipstick
After growing bored of lip gloss, my attention turned to lipstick - the greatest beauty staple that women could ever have. Creamy, long-lasting and downright beautiful, I needn't explain my attraction towards lipstick which has never left my side, as my ever-growing collection suggests.
I have lipsticks in almost every colour of the rainbow - nude, fuchsia, plum, red, you name it - and applying it on my lips every day is a routine that I have never tired of; whatever your age, a love of make-up is as long-lasting as the cosmetics you wear! A little dab of red or pink here and there not only brightens my face, but perks me up; lipstick is one of the many things which makes me proud to be a girl. It's no wonder that it looks so bad on boys!
As for eyeliner, you can be so imaginative as to how you want to wear it. You can wear it smoky, add a subtle touch or be as playful as you wish - nothing is holding you back! From one single line, eyeliner can alter your face and make-up which, whilst making a big statement, isn't glaringly obvious. It's stylish, yet minimal, and oh-so-chic. Believe me, it would be a crime to not have one in your make-up kit!
Winner: Tie (both are equally loved!).

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