Friday, 22 August 2014

A New Beginning with One Special Friend

After enduring one day bursting with drama, I'm exhausted. Seriously, words are struggling to enter my sluggish brain as I force myself to type whatever letters spill from my fingertips. If a genie could teleport into my bedroom right now, my one and only wish would be to go to bed. At five in the evening. While one of the last bursts of summer sunshine is beaming outside. As if!

Still, some desires should never be ignored, should they? It might seem like a laugh to snort at the thought of slipping into my (Barbie doll pink) pyjamas and fall asleep in bed whilst it's still bright outdoors, but I'm somewhat tempted nonetheless. 

As ever, I was gripped with an idea to wake up early - army style - which, nearly twelve hours on, is a decision that I truly regret. Unless a magic ball was among my possessions, how could I have predicted being trapped in a boiling car for over two hours as I was driven aimlessly in a massive city? Had I know in advance, perhaps I would have stayed at home, but the struggle - and what a struggle it was! - was eventually worth every groan that was uttered under my breath. However, that isn't to say that I've lost my appetite for a late afternoon nap!

Earlier this afternoon, my mum, brother and I travelled to a nearby city with an intention to visit the newest member of our family: a kitten. Whether I've mentioned this in past posts or not, my memory escapes me at this time, but I'll tell the story anyway:

Over a month ago, I met a kitten five days after its birth, and completely fell in love with it. She - for we assumed that she was a girl - was exactly what my family and I had wanted, possessing the loveliest tabby coat which heavily resembled those of my deceased cats, Tom and Jerry. As soon as we saw her for the first time, our minds were made up: she was ours. And, until almost a week ago, nothing could deny it. 

As time wore on, it became apparent that this kitten - whom we couldn't wait to bring home in a month or so - wasn't gaining weight and looked tiny compared to its bigger and striving siblings. I kidded myself that, as the potential runt of the litter, she wasn't getting a look in with her mother's milk and simply needing extra food, hoping against hope that she would be fine. I was wrong. 

Last weekend, I found out that this kitten who, thanks to pictures we had taken of her, had grown to be a part of a family had passed away. A vet believed that she was born with a heart condition which, as time worn on, would have placed a greater strain on her struggling health. 

Initially, I was almost brought to tears upon being told the news because, had this kitten lived, I would have offered her a lifetime of love and affection. It is a future that she will unfortunately never have, but would happiness have awaited her if she continued to fight against her unchangeable condition? More sadness would have inevitably followed if she passed away after my family and I had formally adopted her so, however hard the blow might have been at first, it was for the best. 

Since then, our search for a kitten has resumed, but I'm confident that we have finally found what we were looking for. The journey and many diversions might have contributed to my stress-induced headache, yet the final result was a very happy one indeed: one look at a nine day old kitten, and your heart melts into a liquidy, warm mess! 

A dark brown with patches of tabby fur, the kitten - who, for now, we believe is a girl and will be called Teddie (as my mum says, 'y' for a boy and 'ie' for a girl) - was a little bunch of gorgeousness who adored receiving attention. Well, she'll have to get used to having her picture taken sooner or later! Teddie's fur felt as smooth as silk when I stroked it, and I literally had to drag my fingers away from her because I couldn't stop touching her perfect coat; if I was allowed to, nothing would have stopped me from dragging her around my neck for warmth!

The most defining moment during the visit was holding Teddie in my hands, in which my love affair with her truly hit it off. Instead of darting around for the nearest exit, Teddie remained relaxed as I held onto her, beware of her small, yet sharp claws. Filing them down wouldn't be a bad idea! Throughout the time I spent with her, Teddie didn't have a care in the world and often filled the airspace with her cute meows - if you know anything about cats, hearing a kitten meow is music to your ears! 

And, most importantly of all, Teddie displayed no signs of ill health which, after losing the previous one, makes me breath with a sigh of relief. Even at five days old, the previous kitten kept panting whenever it was picked up, but I passed it off as a result of the then-mild temperatures, but this Teddie looked and, whether such words make sense or not, felt healthy. Unlike the other one, Teddie didn't struggle in anybody's hands nor gave the impression of being gripped by panic. She was calm, chilled and totally relaxed - the complete opposite of what my nerves will be like when I eventually take my GCSEs! 

Due to my dad being unable to take time off work to meet Teddie, I'm hoping that my family and I will see her long before we can bring her home in early October. This time, it is a relief that no niggling, persistent worries about her health won't cloud my mind, which had existed long before the previous kitten's death last week. At the end of the day, health is what matters the most - and, even if it took the death of one precious soul, I will never even consider taking it for granted in the future. 

Some things cannot be controlled, but I'll do whatever is within my power if ever necessary. Above all, I'm euphoric that, in six weeks' or so time, a new bundle of joy will be joining the family - and remain my loyal friend for hopefully a very long time!

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