Thursday, 25 September 2014

I Just Don't Feel Like...

...Doing anything today. From keeping awake during two separate (and unsurprisingly boring) assemblies at school to even moving my legs, everything appears to require major effort. And, after four days of constant work, can you honestly blame me?

My heart leaps at the thought - and so-very-unlikely possibility - of getting a dosage of laziness that is otherwise indulged on at the weekend right now, because I can neither stop thinking nor working harder than a brilliant mathematician whose priority is to discover the meaning of Pi (which, to my deep sadness, is not relate to the dessert kind). Like a car's fuel levels diminishing, I'm running low on the energy that is vital for what everyday life requires; with less than twenty fours to go until I wave goodbye to the playground for two glorious and cherished days, I wish so much that the fun could begin at this very moment because waiting a second longer would be the ultimate punishment.

At this stressful point in the week, not only is the leap-out-of-bed-like-a-spring attitude in short supply, but my patience is being tested to the limit. Isn't it about time that I've been rewarded for my hard-working efforts to study and put up with those who view disruption as a saviour? Unlike receiving a bag of sweets or a snog from the so-called 'fit' boys, a day in which I'm not in a five mile radius of school would be a dream come true.

Yet reality, as it so often is, doesn't necessarily transform your life into that of a Disney Princess who, after a long period of struggle, meets her Prince Charming and gets her happy (and so coveted!) ever after. My chances of getting a day off school other than being ill are as slim as waking up in Disneyland tomorrow morning: as irresistible as it is, thinking about the impossible will neither help nor change my situation.

While bearing this fact in mind, I've come up with a solution which, despite sharing a best-before date as long as Justin Bieber's latest hairstyle, will simply have to make do for the time being: doing nothing. Apart from staring at this electronical device whose title is known as a laptop, ridding my legs of pins and needles (which have definitely put me off learning how to sew) and placing my fingers on the semi-dusty keyboard, I'm otherwise inactive. Lazy. Quiet. Lifeless. And, until the weekend commences at approximately 3.30pm when I get home tomorrow, I'll restrict my activities to an absolute minimum. Because, like every other teenager at school, we reserve our energy - once Monday morning comes into view, you will certainly need to make it last until you can rest at the weekend!

Now that I've moved up to the upper year group, the work is becoming more and more challenging but, if I had to be really honest, that aspect of school doesn't really bother me. Although I'll happily make an exception for the Science GCSE that will be taken next summer, there are very few worries relating to my work and ability to shine like an over-scrubbed star.

On a day like today - which was solely about PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) - I actually began to wish that, instead of being given a lecture on anti-bullying (in which, thanks to experience, I'm literally an expert), I was attending my usual lessons. Even Physics seemed more appealing than resting on solid wood floor for an hour during a dull assembly about internet safety which, as I don't even have a Facebook account, didn't apply to me - unlike having a minor epiphany in Maths, what did I gain from being told stuff that I already knew about? So, my eyes are even droopier than usual because I haven't done any motivating work all day, which has contributed to my losing the precious spark that only an enthusiasm for learning can produce. On the plus side, I didn't receive any homework or wasn't obliged to carry my books, which gave my back a rest!

However, isn't it true that every one of us - including those who were (enviably) born with a get-up-and-go attitude to life - have days when doing even the easiest task wears us out? When faced with constant stress - which is either placed upon or created by ourselves - it is only natural to seek an escape from time to time! At the end of the day, however, it is important that teenagers find that perfect balance between giving our brains an all-mighty workout and rewarding ourselves with rest which, if not discovered, deprives us of feeling capable of working hard. Otherwise, a cycle that we don't have the courage to break is born, in which we are constantly waking up with that 'oh-I-so-don't-want-to-do-this' mindset. And, it goes without saying that none of us wants that to happen!

Despite usually having no issues with the learning itself, I'll make an exception for today and, for once, give into my feelings: indulging on a small, yet healthy dosage of laziness might be my best chance at securing a cure for my exhaustion. It is quite a rarity if I choose to lie on my bed and do nothing more challenging than moving my leg, so this is an occasion that I will not only appreciate, but will only have the pleasure of enjoying for a short while. Also, aren't the nicest things in life best enjoyed if only in occasional reach?

Anyway, my inner lazy chick is quickly losing interest in writing about what she doesn't feel like doing, for typing on a laptop often gives her major brain-drain. She wants to fall asleep and be transported to a dream that shall leave her feeling restored and at peace. Well, that's why they're called dreams...

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